Modern Love – 10 Books for $0.99

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Modern Love - 10 Book Bundle only 99 CentsCrimson Romance’s second awesome book bundle releases today – BARGAIN!

Modern Love is a limited time 10 book bundle for the mega-low price of only $0.99.

Hello? Did I say LIMITED TIME? Make sure you don’t miss it!

Where to Buy:

Amazon Barnes and Noble | AllRomance Kobo Crimson Romance

Amazon UK | Amazon Canada | And most online book e-tailers…


When love calls, it’s rarely easy but always memorable, and definitely worth turning the pages. Recapture the thrill, the delicious anticipation of finding your happily ever after in these 10 unforgettable, hot stories by some of today’s brightest names:

Her Knight in Black Leather – J.M. Stewart
Destination Wedding – Robyn Neeley
Drawn to Jonah – Jennifer DeCuir
On the Fly – Katie Kenyhercz
Wildly – Debra Kayn
Falling for You – Heather Thurmeier
Beginning Again – Peggy Bird
Spiraling – Rachel Cross
Save My Soul – Elley Arden
Sweet Gone South – Alicia Hunter Pace

Click any of the links above to read the Amazon sample for that book – or I’ve got TWO excerpts below to whet your appetite.

Excerpt #1

Spiraling by Rachel Cross

“Am I being played here?”
Shane asked.

“I’m not going to try to take naked photos, if that’s what you’re asking,” Amy said.

He ignored the dig. “Why did you agree to go out with me?”

“You’re hot,” she said, playing with a strand of hair, blinking up at him with her best princess smile.

“I think you’re here with me for the same reason I’m with you.”


“Publicity,” he said.

She stilled. “Is that why you asked me out?”

“My agent encouraged it. He’s in the throes of panic over my image,” he stated.

“He’s the one who set up the . . .” she glanced around furtively, “lessons.”

“I need the lessons, obviously, but he’s trying to kill two birds with one stone here.” Shane said.

So he was using her the same way she was using him. “Why me?”

“You have to ask? Amelia Astor, princess, New England blue-blood. You’re the ideal woman to rehab my image.”

It was the way he said it. As though he would never in a million years be seen with her otherwise.

“And here you are just in time to resuscitate my contract with Enchanted Ice.” Amy raised her glass. “Cheers,” she said, without the slightest bit of pique reflected in her tone.

Goaded, she stretched out a hand and laid it, palm down on his rock hard, jean clad thigh, one finger tracing a pattern on the soft cotton. She leaned in and whispered, “I’m not incorruptible.”

He tilted his head back, and she watched his throat work as he finished his drink in one swallow and scooted closer. “No?”

“It doesn’t have to be fiction, but I don’t do fidelity,” he said as his long fingers tucked a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear and he shot her a half-smile that sent a throb of excitement through her traitorous body.


About Rachel

Fueled by black jelly-beans and Pinot noir, Rachel Cross writes contemporary romance with brave heroines and sexy heroes. She lives in coastal California, with her surfer/pilot husband and two daughters. Her past includes stints as a firefighter, paramedic, clinical manager and Weekly World News tabloid model.



Save My Soul by Elley Arden

Jordon didn’t stop at the end of the cart. He came around and grabbed her by the hips. “We’re done with this conversation. I’m not going to let you push me away because of your misguided notions and over analysis.”

Her mouth opened at his absurd insults. Before she could say a word, his fingers rested on her chin and he closed her jaw.

“Maggie, transference is bull shit. Freud was a flake. You shrinks like to wield power over weak-minded patients. I’m not weak, and I’m not your patient.” He slid his thumb across her bottom lip. “I do…feel exactly the way I said I do, but I won’t say it again until I’m damn sure you’re going to say it back. Until then, keep your shrink wrap away from my head. There’s enough going on in there without you digging around.”

Despite the hypnotic sensation of his thumb stroking her lip, she couldn’t keep quiet anymore. “I find you offensive.”

“No you don’t.”

Jordon leaned his face closer, and she swallowed. Her tongue reflexively brushed over her lip, tasting the tip of his thumb. He stepped into her, and she swallowed again, knowing his mouth would be covering hers in the middle of a busy supermarket. But the minute his arm wound around her waist, she didn’t care where they were. She wanted him to take what he wanted and leave her begging for more.


About Elley

Elley Arden is a proud Pennsylvania girl who drinks wine like it’s water (a slight exaggeration), prefers a night at the ballpark to a night on the town, and believes almond English toffee is the key to happiness.


Limited Time Bundle – Go Forth and Buy!

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | AllRomance | Kobo | Crimson Romance

Amazon UK | Amazon Canada | And most online book e-tailers…

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A completely unrelated picture

A completely unrelated picture

In line at the bank drive-up ATM today – because it will be faster.

Lady in front of me swipes card, punches numbers, inserts deposit. Waits. Punches numbers. Waits. Swipes Card. Punches numbers. Waits. Pokes at deposit hole with card. Swipes card.

Swipes card. Swipes card. Punches numbers. Waits. Punches numbers. Swipes Card. Deposit hole.

This continues.

Meanwhile, all three teller lines next to me have cleared out. At this point I’m invested.

More swiping and punching.

Really. I need to change lanes. Now there is someone else behind us.

Swiping. Punching.

How long will it last? I’m fascinated by the perseverance.

Finally she gets out of the car!?!  Approaches me!!

“The ATM machine ate my paycheck. I have to go inside.”

She doesn’t move her car.

I finally change lanes.

Then I go to the grocery where there is a small boy with a toy gun and an attitude. This makes me inexplicably happy even though I’m not a fan of war toys and favor gun control.

I begin feel I should get out from behind my computer more.

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Cover Reveal: Summer Heat 10-Book Bundle

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Summer Heat: 10 Spicy Romances 99 cents

Summer Heat Bundle – Available August 2014

I’m so excited to be a part of this new bundle!  SUMMER HEAT  from Crimson Romance is a collection of 10 steamy, full-length romance novels (including INFAMOUS) for the incredibly low price of only 99 cents. This bundle will only be available for a limited time – so don’t miss it.

During August, I’ll be featuring excerpts from each book in the bundle. (You can always read the first chapter of Infamous here).  For now, here’s the blurb:

When the summer sun beats down on the beach, Crimson Romance turns up the sizzle between the pages. From hot bikers to powerful venture capitalists and those oh-so-sexy military men in—and out—of uniform, these ten books put the spotlight on the heroes who make us melt.

This bundle contains some of my very favorite Crimson Romance titles:

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Cover Reveal! Finding Lost by Deena Remiel

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I’m thrilled to showcase a new cover from Deena Remiel today!

This sexy thang is Deena’s upcoming romantic suspense FINDING LOST releasing from FATED DESIRES in 2015. How will we stand the wait?
Finding Lost Cover - Romantic Suspense by Deena Remiel


Here’s the Blurb!

How could anyone be miserable in paradise? Carrie Samuels could write a book about it. Far away from her family and friends, she’s fled to Isla Mujéres hoping to escape a relentless stalker who knew how to torment and leave no calling card. What started out as a short-term solution has turned into a long-term jail sentence on a tropical island.

Painfully handsome, with a killer smile and well-hewn body, Dillon McMahon left his past behind and plans to spend the rest of his life off the grid on Isla Mujéres, the perfect place to dig in. Living next door to a sexy, quirky, and mysterious woman makes it all the sweeter.

When Carrie and Dillon’s pasts collide with the present, it threatens their budding relationship and sends them into a maelstrom of danger, abduction, and attempted murder. Sometimes, no matter how far you run, you just can’t hide.

Make sure to visit Deena online at one of the following links to find out more!
Fated Desires Publishing
Fated Desires Book Club


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30 + Authors May Day FB Party – Free Books!

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Here’s where I’ll be on May Day . I’m having a little fun with over 30 other romance authors. We’ll be tossing out FREE BOOKS and other goodies all day long – so make sure you stop by!

I’ll be hosting from 5-6 PM Eastern, and there will be a copy of INFAMOUS up for grabs.

It’s Time to Party!
JOIN ME & over a two dozen other contemporary romance authors as we share excerpts from our books. We’ll have selections from all heat levels. Join in on the hourly contests and win prizes. This is a party you do not want to miss and it’s going on all day on May 1st.
Participating Authors Include:
Victoria Barbour – Vicki Batman – Paloma Beck – Gemma Brocato – Candy Caine – Lisa Carlisle – Carly Carson – Margie Church – Karen Cino – Wendy Lynn Clark – Margo Bond Collins – Kandie Delley – Emerald – Candace Gold – Lily Harlem – Susan Jaymes – Mona Karel – Patricia Kiyono – Adriana Kraft – Jan Meredith – Siobhan Muir – Martha O’Sullivan – Skylin O’Thomas - Victoria Pinder – Irene Preston – Jana Richards – Christi Williams – Sabrina York

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