Lola Karns: Tips for Cooking With Kids

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Some of my favorite childhood memories are of being in the kitchen with my mother. She always encouraged me to “help” her cook and even had a set of tiny cake tins so I could make my own cakes while she baked hers.  Author Lola Karns is here this week to share her tips for how to successfully include your kids in family meal-making. She’s included a fun Cream Cheese Mint Recipe that your kids will love.  Make sure to scroll down and check out her foodie romance, Bad Traveler, while you are here and don’t forget to enter for your chance at at $25 Amazon gift card


Kid-Friendly Cream Cheese Mints

Kid-Friendly Cream Cheese Mints



Thank you for the invitation to join your food fest. Good food factors heavily in my writing. My characters enjoy dessert, salad, steak, cookies, coffee, potato chips or whatever I happen to be craving at the moment. In my home and my stories, people often cook together. My husband (who cooks – I’m lucky) and I try to include the kids whenever possible. Here are some ways to let kids help under close supervision, of course. Continue reading


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Giveaway Alert! Fated Desires Author Chat

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Win prizes and meet the Fated Desires Authors February 3rd

Prizes, fun, giveaways on Feb 3

I’ll be at this Facebook Event on Tuesday, February 3. I’m lucky enough to be hosting this event with authors Katalina Leon, Cara Carnes, Heather Thurmeier, Cassandra Carr, Desiree Holt and Rebecca Royce!

Between us, we’re going to be tossing out a fair number of prizes and giveaways. Of course I know you, dear reader, will come just for the scintillating conversation and pleasure of our company!

The actual chat is Tuesday 02/03 from 12-6 pm Eastern, but there are already some pre-event prizes up for grabs – so hurry on over and join the fun!



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Racheline Maltese: Gourmet Grilled Cheese – 4 Ways

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I’m not going to lie to you. I drooled a little when I got the picture for this Friday’s foodie post. Grilled cheese is one of my absolute favorite  comfort foods.  Racheline Maltese is here to show us how to make some yummy gourmet variations on the classic including an amazing dessert. If you’ve been slapping a single-slice of American between two pieces of white bread, it’s time to up your game!

Make sure you  scroll down to get a preview of Racheline’s new book, Doves and don’t forget to enter my $25 Amazon Gift Card  giveaway!

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Perfect Grilled Cheese!



In some ways, I’m not a cook at all. I don’t own any fancy tools, I don’t use cookbooks, and I rarely plan meals out in advance. But I am the person who will look into the refrigerator and make something up on the fly that is often pretty great. Like some people have a strong internal sense of direction, I have a strong internal sense of food logic, which has carried over to Victor, one of the secondary characters in the Love in Los Angeles series I co-write with Erin McRae.

Sometimes, this character goes for the fancy, planned, and sophisticated food I never bother with. Certainly, he has more expensive cookware than me and better knife skills. But like me, he brings his internal food logic to making ordinary meals extraordinary.

For example, he’s happy to whip up a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup as comfort food when his boyfriend Liam is having a bad day, but nothing about that grilled cheese is simple.

In fact, all the ways grilled cheese can be dressed up without a lot of ingredients or a set recipe makes it one of my own favorite go-tos. It’s also one of Erin and my staple foods when we spend time in our Philadelphia writing office. There’s a place in Reading Terminal Market that makes absolutely divine grilled cheese, and those sandwiches have gotten us through many a long day of writing and editing.

If you want to try your own hand at grilled cheese, here are some of my (and Victor’s) favorite combinations. Continue reading


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Jessica Cale: Chocolate Macarons with Bailey’s Cream (gluten free)

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Macarons are all the rage these days. I’ve found them popping up everywhere, even in the wilds of central Texas. Lucky, lucky us, we’ve got Jessica Cale with us today to share a recipe. And…Oh. My. Goodness. Look at them! Mouth-watering. These are a must-try for my next special occasion!

Make sure to scroll down and check out Jessica’s fantastic new historical romance, Tyburn. Also, I’ve got a rafflecopter give-away for a $25 Amazon Gift Card going on through March 10.


Jessica Cales Chocolate Macarons with Bailey’s Cream

Jessica Cale’s Chocolate Macarons


I love macarons. These gorgeous little French cookies are light, delicious, and you can make them in any color or flavor you can imagine. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m sharing the recipes for my favorite flavors and one of those is Chocolate & Bailey’s. I made these this weekend with my friend Jen in mind. Hot chocolate with Bailey’s in it was always our go-to drink in University and these indulgent macarons have the same taste with fewer calories (unless you eat them all. Not gonna lie, it could happen). Word of warning? They do take a little bit longer to make than hot chocolate…

Making macarons can be a little tricky at first, so before you start, I would really recommend looking up some tutorials so you know what everything is supposed to look along the way. Food Nouveau has one here that is incredibly helpful with extensive tips and a great troubleshooting guide. The Cupcake Project has another one with some great pictures here.

Chocolate Macarons with Bailey’s Cream Recipe

Continue reading


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$25 Amazon Gift Card GiveAway

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Well, I’m TOO excited about the upcoming release of A TASTE OF YOUSomething had to give so… I made a GIVEAWAY!

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

1st Prize – Amazon Gift Card

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$25 Amazon Gift Card (hmmmm, what could we use that for)…

Win 2 Free M/M Romances By Cassandra Carr

Win 2 M/M Romances

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2 e-books by Cassandra Carr (yummy m/m romances, ya’ll!)

Just use the handy rafflecopter below to enter the contest.

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