Amanda C Stone: Cole’s Candy Bar Pie

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Amanda has ditched us but I’m not complaining. She sent along Cole from The Adventures of Cole and Perry and he brought PIE! You can get away with a lot around here if you come bearing pie.

This is a great, easy dessert that let’s you experiment with your own favorite flavors. Enjoy!


Good morning everyone and a very happy Friday to you! My name is Cole and I was invited to the lovely Irene’s blog to share my favorite recipe. It’s not much of a secret how much I enjoy sweet treats and desserts. This recipe is easy to make and something you whip up quickly if you’ve got company.

Here’s what you’re going to need to make this yummy dessert!

Ingredients for Candy Bar Pie Recipe

Here’s what you need!

Candy Bar Pie Recipe:

  • 1 tub of cool whip (8 ounce size)
    1 package of instant pudding (4 serving size)
    1 premade graham cracker pie crust (6 ounce size)
    2 cups of milk (if your package of instant pudding calls for a different amount use the amount listed on the package)
    2 cups of candy pieces, seperated (either chopped up candy bars or bite sized candy like M&Ms)

Dump package of instant pudding into a bowl along with the milk. Whisk milk and pudding together until you have pudding consistency. Continue reading


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The Feels (topic shamelessly stolen from Liv Rancourt)

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So the other day Liv Rancourt and I were doing the grown-up-author equivalent of a 12-year-old girl’s sleepover – we messaged each other on FB and gushed over our crushes (K.J. Charles and Sherry Thomas)

Then Liv, in clear violation of all pinky-swears, told the whole school. (She blogged about it).

It’s a good blog, too. You should read it.

But, the mention of Sherry Thomas and FEELS reminded me of something.

I’ve been a Sherry Thomas fan for a while. If anyone asks me why, I always answer with one phrase, “emotional intensity.” Sherry can grab me from page one, and she never lets go.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time wondering how she does it. It wasn’t until I read The Burning Sky that I finally got a clue…and it was because of what didn’t happen that I spotted it.

Continue reading


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Kimberly Dean: Strawberry Dream Pie + Dreaming Bear Giveaway

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It’s all about dreams this week. The weather is getting warmer and I’m dreaming of a cool fruit dessert that doesn’t keep me in the kitchen all day. Kimberly Dean brought over just the thing – a super-simple, refreshing strawberry pie. Make sure you scroll down to check out the dreamy blurb from her new novel, Dream Man and enter her giveaway for an adorable dreaming bear decoration.


Kimberly Dean's Strawberry Dream Pie

Easy Strawberry Pie!


I’m all about keeping things simple.  I don’t have enough time or patience to make anything fancy, especially when it comes to food.  It’s usually gone so quickly, it just doesn’t make sense.  The funny thing is, people don’t often notice the difference.  They just know what they like!

The following recipe has been a big hit for me, and it’s easy to make.  It’s a refreshing dessert that looks so pretty, I even made it for Easter Sunday dinner.  Now my family is dreaming about it.  ;-)

Strawberry Dream Pie Recipe

8-oz package of cream cheese, softened
1/3 c. strawberry preserves
1 ½ c. whipped topping, thawed
9-in. ready-made graham cracker crust
½ c. sliced fresh strawberries (for pie)
1 c. fresh strawberries (for topping)
2 t. white sugar
2 t. grenadine syrup

Continue reading


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Catherine Noon: Don’t Burn the Water! or, How To Make a Decent Cup of Herbal Tea

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So, as person who actually has burned water, the title of this post caught my eye right away! If you like hot beverages, read on. Catherine Noon is here to walk us through boiling, simmering, and steeping while we make a lovely cuppa!

Oh, hey – there is a GIVEAWAY. Make sure and check out Catherine’s latest book, Emerald Keep. If you comment on this post, you could win a free copy!

Author A Catherine NoonCatherine

For me, I’ve made a meal out of the fact that I adore coffee.  I have written recipes, shared ideas, and generally styled myself as a coffee person.  However, I also adore herbal tea.  And black tea.  And…

Well, let’s just say I like hot beverages and leave it at that, or we’ll be here all day trying to define what I like.  It’s probably easier to say what I don’t like in terms of beverages, and that would be, “gin.”  Except that my herbal instructor pointed out that there are more kinds of fine gin that you can shake a stick at and we’re back at the first problem.

So, tea.  It’s a common misconception, at least here in the States, that “tea” comes out of a cardboard box in a small paper mesh envelope on a string.  The truth is far richer than that.   High-quality leaves from freshly dried botanicals make all the difference.  If you’ve never been, try visiting a tea shop in your area and explore the loose-leaf teas.  There are some amazing blends out there.

Since I have a dodgy tummy, I’m forever getting tummy aches.  A super easy, quick way to make a stomach tonic is to get a fresh ginger root from the grocery store, (most large stores have them in the root vegetables section; they look like small, misshapen dolls).  Use a carrot peeler to slough off the outer skin.  Slice two or three disks off the root and put them in a pan with two cups of boiling water.  Boil for ten minutes or so, and then cool.  Serve fresh or add some honey if the ginger is too strong to your palette.

What’s the difference between boiling the botanicals and letting them steep?  As a general rule of thumb, you boil roots (at a rolling, bubbling boil) for longer than ten minutes, even up to twenty.  For leaves and blossoms, you boil the water and then add the botanicals just before the boiling point, and just barely simmer for up to twenty minutes.  You boil the roots because they’re tougher and need the longer time in the hotter water; you’ll basically overcook the leaves or flowers if you do that to them.

We had a lot of fun with this in our forthcoming book, Emerald Keep.  The hero, Hunter Quill Mayer, is known for burning the leaves.  It’s a recurring theme in the book and it makes me giggle whenever I see we’ve added it.  I’m sure everyone knows at least one person who’s hopeless in the kitchen and can “burn the water.”

Emerald Keep by A Catherine Noon and Rachel WilderEmerald Keep

When Emerald Keeper Teeka returns to the city of Reghdad and leaves the harsh desert behind, he finds that not all dangers come from the Great Valley. The dangerous Daymonth is nearly upon them and no one can survive on the surface of the planet — but Senior Hunter Quill Mayer is trying to get to Reghdad, and Teeka, before the start of it. Even if he makes it, Emerald Keep denies Teeka’s Contract with Senior Hunter Quill, and Teeka discovers his enemy is more powerful than any of them suspected and he will stop at nothing to separate Teeka and Quill — even by striking in the very heart of the city.

Where to Buy Emerald Keep:

Torquere Press | Amazon

About Catherine

For author and textile artist A. Catherine Noon, it’s all about the yarn, both metaphorical and literal – spinning a yarn, knitting with yarn, weaving, sewing, painting, sharing stories and good times over a cup of coffee with dark chocolate.  She teaches creative writing, creative expression and textile arts.

Visit Catherine online:

Blog | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | LinkedIn | Pandora

Knoontime Knitting:  Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Ravelry
Noon and Wilder links: Blog | Taurus and Taurus (NSFW) | Website | Facebook

Don’t forget to LEAVE A COMMENT for a chance to win a copy of Emerald Keep!


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Cassandra Carr: 5 Mac n Cheese Recipes You Need to Try Today

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Say CHEESE! Y’all know I’m a huge cheese fan. When I found out Cassandra Carr had set her latest release in a Mac-n-Cheese food truck right here in Austin – I knew I had to get her on the blog!

Melting Into You by Cassandra Carr - Foodie RomanceCassandra:

Hi everybody! I’m Cassandra Carr, and I’m going to talk to you today about macaroni and cheese. *Yawn*, you say. Nay, I say. For lowly macaroni and cheese can be elevated to a culinary art form- provided you have a great recipe.
The first two books in my new Savor Series revolve around a food truck named Macarollin’. Guess what they sell? During the course of writing the books, I, of course, had to do research into possible combinations for mac n cheese to see what the truck might have on the menu. Here are some delicious combinations I found:  Continue reading

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