You Can Leave Your Boots On

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In the heart of Texas…

Liberal Austinite Travis Boyd recycles, shops local, and is partner in a successful green-building company. After his last disastrous relationship, he’ll never again date a man who’s not out. A little discretion while working for ultra-conservative clients in west Texas is hardly the same as being in the closet. Anyway, the only person he’s interested in being indiscreet with is the client’s macho son. Not happening, Trav.

Bo Vargas is a cowboy-boot-wearing, meat-eating, truck-driving ode to masculinity. He’s not gay. The men he picks up on business trips are just anonymous diversions. Travis isn’t anonymous. And there’s something about him that makes Bo want to expand his relationship options. Maybe.

When a popular dating app sends Bo and Travis on the same blind date, the night explodes in passion. One night isn’t a problem. But what will each man be willing to risk the morning after?

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What People Are Saying

“This little book is chalk full of all the wonderful things we love about romance, whether it’s M/M or M/F or F/F – a good, well written book is all that matters but more importantly, that romance oozes out of the bindings and let me tell you, this one delivers.”

Toot’s Book Reviews

“You Can Leave Your Boots On is a short, sweet, and sexy little read.”

The Novel Approach Reviews

“What a cute and sweet story that took a serious right-hand turn into true romance after the initial set up.”

The Jeep Diva

“This book was amazing. I highly recommend it and plan on re-reading it again. If you like your guys alpha with a side of sweet and sexy Texan, you’re going to like this one, too.”

Smitten With Reading

“This story is so sweet and full of emotion.”

Molly Lolly

“I absolutely loved this book! It was short, but it packs quite a punch. It’s a sweet, very hot opposites-attract story with just enough angst to keep it very interesting.”

Bayou Book Junkie

“You Can Leave Your Boots On has been added to my reread shelf and I hope to check out more of Preston’s work in the future.”

Crystals Many Reviewers

“There’s lust, sex, anger, fighting, making up, and a perfectly sweet HEA.”

Queercentric Book Reviews


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  1. Viv

    I love that cover more every time I see it. Congrats on having this up for preorder! You rock!

  2. Shirley Ann Speakman

    Congratulations on your upcoming release!

  3. Roger Grace

    Thanks for having the preorder sale. goodness by the time the rafflecopter is over I will have forgotten I entered it.

  4. The book looks good. I simply don’t have time to do all those things for entry into the contest. Good luck.

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  6. Ana

    congratulations on you book, looks interesting.

  7. Ree Dee

    Congratulations on your new release! I am looking forward to reading it! Thank you!

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  10. Janie

    Congrats on new release. Looks awssome. Thanks for chance

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