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Mickie Sherwood’s Creamy-Style Red Beans and Rice

Please welcome Mickie Sherwood to the blog with bona-fide Louisiana red beans. Mickie – this is one of my favorite comfort foods from home so can’t wait to see how you make yours. I like mine with a little andouille, but I mix it up with the meat and sometimes even go vegetarian.

Everyone, don’t forget to check out Mickie’s book Templet’s Tasty Tails. She’s brought a yummy excerpt that features another Louisiana favorite!


From boudin, crabs, and crawfish to red beans and rice, food is king in South Louisiana. Somebody eats something delicious in all of my novels. But, we get to that later.

Now, I’ll share my version of how to prepare the scrumptious meal of red beans and rice. No two cooks cook red beans the same way. Some people like to cook them so that the bean is done but the skin is unbroken. Others prefer their beans cooked to a creamy consistency, meaning the outer skin breaks open.

I love mine in-between. There is a combination of both. This way my bean juice, or gravy if you want to call it that, is just right for my rice.

Red Beans and Rice Recipe:


Read beans (You determine the amount to cook. I cooked 1 cup.)

1 – Onion

Green onions

Bell Pepper (I used 1/2 each green, orange, and yellow.)

Water (Enough water to cover the beans.)

Ham slice – cubed

Garlic powder



Cooked fluffy rice

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