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Giveaway Alert! Fated Desires Author Chat

Win prizes and meet the Fated Desires Authors February 3rd

Prizes, fun, giveaways on Feb 3

I’ll be at this Facebook Event on Tuesday, February 3. I’m lucky enough to be hosting this event with authors Katalina Leon, Cara Carnes, Heather Thurmeier, Cassandra Carr, Desiree Holt and Rebecca Royce!

Between us, we’re going to be tossing out a fair number of prizes and giveaways. Of course I know you, dear reader, will come just for the scintillating conversation and pleasure of our company!

The actual chat is Tuesday 02/03 from 12-6 pm Eastern, but there are already some pre-event prizes up for grabs – so hurry on over and join the fun!



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Heather Thurmeier: Easy Turkey Meatballs Recipe

So, in case you haven’t read any of my previous posts, I’ll let you in on my BIG SECRET. I don’t spend all my days in the kitchen producing the slowest of slow food while wearing  heels and single strand of pearls. Mostly my foodie designation means I like to eat. Okay, I sometimes like to cook, but the reality is that most of my days are filled with lots of time-consuming things that take place outside the kitchen. At the end of those days, I still like to eat. Preferably something tasty.  Is my foodie card revoked?

Welcome fellow foodie author Heather Thurmeier to the blog. Heather assures me that I can still eat yummy meals even if my kitchen time is limited and she’s brought a tasty recipe to prove it. Don’t forget to check out Heather’s latest release, Pinch of Me, Dash of You.


I’m all about easy food. I wish I could say it was only that way when I’m on deadline and strapped for time, but the truth is, I cook easy meals all the time. Why? Because I’m a terrible cook. Surprised?

I know, I know! I can already hear you asking… How can a self-proclaimed terrible cook write a foodie romance? Let’s just say there’s a reason why Kali—the heroine of Pinch of Me, Dash of You—can’t cook to save her life! She gets her cooking inability from me…

How did I write a book full of food? Easy (LOL!), I watch a ton of cooking shows! I know the lingo and am familiar with how to cook different things, or what items might go well together on a plate. But when it comes to feeding my family, I kinda suck. I need meals that are fast, kid friendly, screw-up proof, and tasty, which is why I LOVE my CROCKPOT!!! There is seriously no better kitchen invention. Well, except maybe my Margarita Machine, because a kitchen without margaritas is like a cookie without chocolate chips. Not cool.

So here’s one of my super quick and easy meals that I like to make on my daughter’s figure skating nights when we’re at the rink for hours and get home without any time to fix a hot meal.

Easy Turkey Meatballs you can make in your crockpot

Crockpot Meatballs!

Easy Turkey Meatballs in Mushroom Soup Sauce

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