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Cassandra Carr: 5 Mac n Cheese Recipes You Need to Try Today

Say CHEESE! Y’all know I’m a huge cheese fan. When I found out Cassandra Carr had set her latest release in a Mac-n-Cheese food truck right here in Austin – I knew I had to get her on the blog!

Melting Into You by Cassandra Carr - Foodie RomanceCassandra:

Hi everybody! I’m Cassandra Carr, and I’m going to talk to you today about macaroni and cheese. *Yawn*, you say. Nay, I say. For lowly macaroni and cheese can be elevated to a culinary art form- provided you have a great recipe.
The first two books in my new Savor Series revolve around a food truck named Macarollin’. Guess what they sell? During the course of writing the books, I, of course, had to do research into possible combinations for mac n cheese to see what the truck might have on the menu. Here are some delicious combinations I found:  Continue reading

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Valentina’s Brownies with Chilies Recipe

Four days until the release of A Taste of You, and I brought you a tasty treat – Valentina’s brownie recipe!

Brownies with Chilies

Brownies with Chilies

“Did your mama help you make these?”

“Well, I started with one of her recipes,” Valentina admitted, “but I changed it. And she suggested the chocolate, but she let me make a bunch of batches one day so I could try different kinds and taste them all at once. We labeled everything and made notes.”

“What chocolate did you use?”

 “Bittersweet. I kept the wrapper so I can remember the name when we go to the store.”

 “And the peppers?”

 “Serrano. I made some with chipotle, too. Jalapeño was too hot if it wasn’t chopped really fine, and I like the little pieces of pepper.”

 “Your mother let you dice the peppers?”

“I can’t use the sharp knives unless she is with me. She has to stand with me and watch, not just be in the kitchen. Is it any good, Uncle Garrett?”

Valentina puts chopped chilies in her brownie – which is something I love. You can add chilies to almost any brownie recipe. In addition to the little kick of heat, they really enhance the chocolate flavor.  I have two go-to brownie recipes. This recipe makes a rich, fudgie brownie. Like Valentina, I usually put serrano peppers in mine and I like bittersweet chocolate.



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Taryn Kincaid: Healthy Mock Mashed Potato Recipe

I’m fascinated by things that aren’t what they seem, so when Taryn Kincaid promised me a “mock” potato recipe, I was all ears.

I don’t have anything else to say…I want to get to it!

Oh, wait! Don’t forget to check out Taryn’s new book If You Can’t Stand The Heat at the bottom of the page. It’s another foodie in the Fated Desires Give Me a Taste line – and it is hot!

Oh, and if you scroll all the way to the bottom you can still enter for a $25 gift card I’m giving away soon!



Olive Oil for mock mashed potato recipe


Does anyone not love mashed potatoes? They are one of my comfort foods of choice. But lately, like most people, I’ve been trying to limit the starchy carbs.   Continue reading


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