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Irene Vartanoff: Substitution Salmon Salad

Hey, hey everyone. Today you have two Irenes for the price of one! We have other things in common, which you’ll probably figure out shortly. (Honestly, do I ever make anything without a substitution?) Irene Vartanoff has brought a delish salmon salad recipe and an excerpt from Captive of the Cattle Baron. My contribution to this post is eating the yummy salmon while I enjoy the excerpt…


Salmon Salad Recipe by Irene Vartanoff Irene V:

I find recipes on the net by googling them, and then I copy down the ingredients and maybe a few direction. Sometimes I don’t copy very well. That’s how I ended up making a Substitution Salmon Salad that I adore.

I never, ever follow recipes exactly although I always mean to. After I found a salmon salad recipe online that didn’t have any ingredients I dislike or that dislike me, I went shopping for them. That’s where the substituting began. I wasn’t about to buy the dry mustard the recipe called for, not when no one in the house eats dry mustard. My husband always has some Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard around, so I figured I could use that. Substitution Number 1. The recipe called for chives. By the time I got to the grocery store, I thought I was supposed to buy dill. Oops. Substitution Number 2. Continue reading

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Liv Rancourt: Smoked Salmon Pasta Recipe

My friend Liv’s here today and she brought studs salmon.  Okay, so Liv obviously knows me because she brought both.  Below you will find a recipe with salmon, pasta, wine, and cheese. You can not possibly go wrong with this. Below that are the studs (still in my wheelhouse), in this case King Studs (construction reference goes right over my head as I zoom in on stud). Liv’s kindly included a tasty excerpt from her new release, King Stud. And if you make it all the way to the bottom of the page you can also enter for a $20 Amazon gift card.



Author Liv RancourtLIV:

Thanks so much for having me as a guest, Irene! I’m excited to have the chance to talk about food, because other than eating, I don’t know a whole lot about it, and there’s nothing I like better than having a platform to display my ignorance.

Oh, and I babble when I’m nervous.


Since my favorite recipe usually involves knowing which take-out to order, I had to give some thought to what to feature in this post. I live in Seattle, which prides itself as a foodie town, so my first decision was to choose a recipe with a Northwest vibe.

Then, as I do with most important decisions, I called the husband.

He suggested I try a variation of chef Nick Stellino’s smoked salmon pasta, which totally worked for me. (Jump HERE if you want to see an actual recipe with, like, measurements and stuff.) Back in the late ‘80s, my roommate worked the lunch shift as a waitress at a restaurant called The 1904, and they made an amazing smoked salmon pasta. Sometimes she’d bring me home an order, or sometimes I’d meet her toward the end of her shift and have a bowl. A little white wine, some crusty bread, and the smoky, savory, salty goodness and I was DONE. Too good.

So, without further ado or delay or procrastination, here’s my take on smoked salmon pasta.

Smoked Salmon Pasta Recipe

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The Improvisational Cook : Recipe, Giveaway, and a Free Cookbook for the Asking

Yay, fish! I can’t believe this is my first Friday fish dish! Lisabet Sarai is here with a great snapper dish plus a FREE cookbook – all you have to do is comment to get your copy.  In addition, one random commenter will score a copy of The Ingredients of Bliss  – make sure to leave a comment y’all!


Grilled Snapper Recipe by Lisabet SaraiLisabet:

I’ve been cooking since I was seven or eight. (I’m in my sixties now.) I still love the sense of creativity I get in the kitchen. However, I’ve never been the sort to follow recipes, at least not verbatim. I’ll browse my cookbooks looking for ideas, but then I generally embellish the recipes I find based on my own instincts. For day-to-day meal preparation, I have a core set of ingredients and seasonings always on hand, but I rarely plan the details ahead of time. Instead, I improvise.

The advantages of this approach? My meals are never boring, because I never make a dish exactly the same twice in a row. The downside? Occasionally my experiments fall flat, and once in a great while, they fail spectacularly. (I will never forget the stuffed peppers that exploded on top of the stove…!)

My indulgent husband accepts the pros and cons of my improvisational approach. Actually, he enjoys cooking as well (though not as a routine activity).  More than half our cookbook collection originally belonged to him.

Anyway, here’s a quick, healthy dinner dish with plenty of flavor, that I more or less invented. DH says it doesn’t really  taste Mexican,  but hey, it’s my recipe, I can call it whatever I want.

Grilled Snapper a la Mexicana

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