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Vicki Batman: Very Easy Lemon Tarts

Know what I love more than lemon tarts? (and you know I love lemon tarts!) Recipes that are Very Easy – especially the kind that can be thrown together quickly to bring to get-togethers. Vicki Batman is here today with the quickest, easiest tarts ever! Once you snag this awesome little recipe, make sure to check out Vicki’s upcoming holiday box-set, Season of Surprises.


With the holidays coming, we’re all crunched for time. And for those special events, I’ve made these:

A Lemon - not required for this lemon tart recipe

You don’t even have to zest a lemon!

Very Easy Lemon Tart Recipe

Tiny pie shells (ex:  Clearbrook Farms, 24 count)

1 jar of Lemon curd

Flower sprinkles Continue reading


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Blimey, It’s Spotted Dick! by Morgan O’Neill (w/giveaway)

Giveaway, time-travel and Spotted Dick! (I’m not going for that Spotted Richard) Also one author – two writers. The writing team of  Cary Morgan Frates and Deborah O’Neill Cordes (aka Morgan O’Neil)  is here today talking about foodie research into their time-travel romance series. Deb and Cary are giving away a copy of Begun By Time to one commenter. If you make it all the way to the bottom of the page, you can also register to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Spotted DickDeb and Cary Talk Spotted Dick

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Victoria Adams: Fussy Eater to Foodie

Are you a fussy eater? Please welcome Victoria Adams who is going to tell us tell us how a fussy eater incorporates food into her lifestyle and writing. She’s also got some suggestions to make a dessert that will really sparkle (gold, y’all – it’s GOLD).


I’m a pseudo-foodie or in other words a – kinda sorta foodie. I’m a very fussy eater. Grew up an only child and there is a much better chance of being a fussy eater in a small family than in a big family. Mom’s rule – if I didn’t like dinner I knew where the peanut butter was. As I grew up my tastes changed – turns out pizza is pretty awesome after all, but some of my dislikes remained. I still dislike tomatoes. I don’t like the mouth feel, but I love tomato soup, ketchup and pasta sauce. Go figure?!?!?! Continue reading


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