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Lola Karns: Tips for Cooking With Kids

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of being in the kitchen with my mother. She always encouraged me to “help” her cook and even had a set of tiny cake tins so I could make my own cakes while she baked hers.  Author Lola Karns is here this week to share her tips for how to successfully include your kids in family meal-making. She’s included a fun Cream Cheese Mint Recipe that your kids will love.  Make sure to scroll down and check out her foodie romance, Bad Traveler, while you are here and don’t forget to enter for your chance at at $25 Amazon gift card


Kid-Friendly Cream Cheese Mints

Kid-Friendly Cream Cheese Mints



Thank you for the invitation to join your food fest. Good food factors heavily in my writing. My characters enjoy dessert, salad, steak, cookies, coffee, potato chips or whatever I happen to be craving at the moment. In my home and my stories, people often cook together. My husband (who cooks – I’m lucky) and I try to include the kids whenever possible. Here are some ways to let kids help under close supervision, of course. Continue reading


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