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Why is Taste Disappearing?

Quick Update on Taste

I’ve heard from a few of you who are confused that they can’t find A Taste of You in some retailers.

Don’t Panic! The quick answer is that it is being re-published and should be back up most places by February 1st.

As of now, A Taste of You is still on Amazon, and that should be the last place it will disappear. (Update: Most of the new bookseller links are active. click here  for where to buy. ). The only place I know of where it will disappear indefinitely is Google Play.  (They aren’t accepting any new authors right now. If you want to lobby them about this, be my guest but…Google.)

The longer story.

My publisher has decided to close their doors.  This means I am having my rights reverted long before the end of my contract. I have enjoyed working with Fated Desires very much and they are making the transition as easy as possible. When A Taste of You goes back online it will be virtually unchanged. Even the cover will have very minor modifications.

That being said…


You may receive email from Amazon and other vendors about a “New Release” when the 2nd edition goes up. It will be the SAME BOOK. I’m not adding any content or anything, so there is absolutely no need for you to re-purchase if you have the original A Taste of You.


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