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Stephany Tullis: 2 Fabulous Cocktail Recipes

Happy Hour! (It’s Happy Hour somewhere, right?)  Stephany Tullis is here today. Obviously a gal after my own heart, Stephany has brought not one, but two lovely cocktail recipes for us today. Also – BARGAIN ALERT – you can get Stephany’s book 48 Hours ’till Christmas for only $0.99 right now!

Southern Kitchen Sign


I love to write, travel and hang out with family and friends. From my perspective, mouth watering food,  a frosty or hot drink , depending on the occassion and season, are necessary ingredients to guarantee a good time for all. Add some music and the sky’s the limit!

My smorgasbord of passions is reflected in my writing. My characters love nothing more than to celebrate, memorialize, or toast  an occassion with friends and family. Small town southern charm and hospitality season my writing style, my characters–and their desire to entertain with homespun flare and, as befitting the occassion, a sophistication that rivals the best of the best.

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TGIF! A Yummy Pisco Sour Recipe

I know it is Foodie Friday – but this Friday I thought we would do a drink. This is mostly because I just got the bill for my car repair and I need one.  Also, last time I posted a picture of a pisco sour on my Facebook,  people seemed to approve. Yes, I am that desperate for approval. Also, it is summer, and pisco sours are a yummy and refreshing drink.

Pisco Sour


Before we start, let me say I am not exceptionally finicky about my pisco. Some people will insist on Peruvian pisco and others favor Chilean pisco. Yes, they are slightly different, but they will both work for this recipe.   If you want to embroil yourself in a 400-year-old debate about who has the better pisco, google away. If you want a tasty drink, read on!

Ingredients for 2 Pisco Sours:

  • 3 shots pisco
  • 1 shot fresh lime juice*
  • 1 shot simple syrup*
  • 1 egg white (optional)
  • dash bitters (Chilean or angostura – I’ve never found the Chilean ones locally)

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