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Cassandra Carr: 5 Mac n Cheese Recipes You Need to Try Today

Say CHEESE! Y’all know I’m a huge cheese fan. When I found out Cassandra Carr had set her latest release in a Mac-n-Cheese food truck right here in Austin – I knew I had to get her on the blog!

Melting Into You by Cassandra Carr - Foodie RomanceCassandra:

Hi everybody! I’m Cassandra Carr, and I’m going to talk to you today about macaroni and cheese. *Yawn*, you say. Nay, I say. For lowly macaroni and cheese can be elevated to a culinary art form- provided you have a great recipe.
The first two books in my new Savor Series revolve around a food truck named Macarollin’. Guess what they sell? During the course of writing the books, I, of course, had to do research into possible combinations for mac n cheese to see what the truck might have on the menu. Here are some delicious combinations I found:  Continue reading

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Parties and Giveaways All Day Long on Tuesday 03/31

Party! Better yet, PARTIES! And YOU’RE INVITED!

I’m not usually this much of a party animal, but I’m actually going to be at TWO events on Tuesday, March 31st. There are going to be lots of other authors at both of them and we’ll be tossing out free books and prizes along with sneak peeks and excerpts.

Here are the deets!

Romancing Austin Cover Reveal Party

Romancing Austin Cover Reveal 6pm-10pm

I’m super excited about this one. Come get a first look at the anthology I did with my friends! We’re a group of Austin writers, so we thought it would be fun to set all the stories in Austin during SXSW. One wild SXSW party. Seven hot romances. Yes, we had LOTS of fun!

At this party we will:

  • Unveil the Cover
  • Open entries for a prize pack including a $75 Amazon Gift Card + lots of books
  • Play games, chat, and give out some sneak peaks of the stories
  • And yes, give out MORE prizes!

Authors attending are Jax Garren, Rebecca Royce, Cara Carnes, Chandra Ryan, Evelyn Berry, Riley Bancroft and…ME!

Time is 6pm-10pm US CENTRAL

I’ll be hosting from 6:30-7!

Click here to Join Us! Continue reading

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Giveaway Alert! Fated Desires Author Chat

Win prizes and meet the Fated Desires Authors February 3rd

Prizes, fun, giveaways on Feb 3

I’ll be at this Facebook Event on Tuesday, February 3. I’m lucky enough to be hosting this event with authors Katalina Leon, Cara Carnes, Heather Thurmeier, Cassandra Carr, Desiree Holt and Rebecca Royce!

Between us, we’re going to be tossing out a fair number of prizes and giveaways. Of course I know you, dear reader, will come just for the scintillating conversation and pleasure of our company!

The actual chat is Tuesday 02/03 from 12-6 pm Eastern, but there are already some pre-event prizes up for grabs – so hurry on over and join the fun!



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