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A completely unrelated picture

A completely unrelated picture

In line at the bank drive-up ATM today – because it will be faster.

Lady in front of me swipes card, punches numbers, inserts deposit. Waits. Punches numbers. Waits. Swipes Card. Punches numbers. Waits. Pokes at deposit hole with card. Swipes card.

Swipes card. Swipes card. Punches numbers. Waits. Punches numbers. Swipes Card. Deposit hole.

This continues.

Meanwhile, all three teller lines next to me have cleared out. At this point I’m invested.

More swiping and punching.

Really. I need to change lanes. Now there is someone else behind us.

Swiping. Punching.

How long will it last? I’m fascinated by the perseverance.

Finally she gets out of the car!?!  Approaches me!!

“The ATM machine ate my paycheck. I have to go inside.”

She doesn’t move her car.

I finally change lanes.

Then I go to the grocery where there is a small boy with a toy gun and an attitude. This makes me inexplicably happy even though I’m not a fan of war toys and favor gun control.

I begin feel I should get out from behind my computer more.

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