A Taste of You: Release Week Appearances

It’s release week for A Taste of You – pre-order now and it will be on your e-reader when you wake up tomorrow!

Here’s a taste!

“You want dinner? There’s plenty.” Carlo put a slab of prosciutto on the counter and began shaving off slivers of meat.

Garrett watched Carlo’s big hands expertly gliding the knife through the cured meat. Carlo mostly stayed out of the kitchen at Ransom. Garrett sometimes forgot that his partner was the product of four generations of Rotolo restaurateurs and an accomplished cook in his own right.

The aroma of cured ham filled the air, rich and sweet, exactly the way the meat would taste.

His imagination automatically took him further, looking for flavor combinations, but all he could think about was the way Carlo’s fingers would taste after touching the meat. He imagined drawing them into his mouth slowly, sucking the sweetness off warm flesh.


Here is where I’ll be this week:

I decided against a huge blog tour, but I am popping in a few places around the web.

Deadline Dishes with Heather Thurmeier
My (well, Gourmet’s) super-easy, make-in-under-30-minutes tuna & linguine recipe.

Release Day Chat with the Fated Desires Book Club
03/10/2015 7pm-8pm
We’ll talk about A Taste of You, men, cats, food, and whatever else you want. There will most likely be giveaways!
This is a book club exclusive event – just join here!

Interview and Excerpt at Coffee and Porn In the Morning
We talk writing, food, and travel. I try and weasel out of answering some things.

Author Interview by Molly Lolly 
Molly asks me about my writing process. I pretend I have one.

Comfort Food 
Character panic! My hero might not be lovable!?! I should probably keep that to myself – instead I blog about it at Because Two Men are Better than One

I’ll also be updating review excerpts and links here as they come in, if you want to see what others think of Carlo and Garrett.

A Taste of You by Irene Preston

Learn More About A Taste of You

Hell’s Kitchen has nothing on the flames Giancarlo and Garrett ignite at Restaurant Ransom…

Blurb | Read a Chapter | What People are Saying

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