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I’ll throw the first pie with an excerpt from A TASTE OF YOU!

But, whatever the reason, Garrett had made a special effort.  He had not only gotten the very thing that Carlo would want for lunch, he had assembled it with his own hands, and, ah, Carlo’s eyes rolled back and he thought he might have moaned. Maybe he was going to have to revisit his stance on the bread and the cold sub. Whatever Garrett had done while assembling and warming it….

Or maybe it just tasted better because Garrett had made it special for him. A thing Garrett would never make for himself. Yeah, Carlo was that pathetic because that could be it. He took another bite and let all the flavors have a party in his mouth. He followed it up with a sip of the wine, which got kinky with the sausage and red sauce and set off another explosion of flavor.

He came up for air when the sandwich had been reduced to a few drops of sauce on the plate.

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  1. Irene, thank you for the opportunity to share, what a great idea. This is from “Teach Me To Forget” To get an interview, Bethany has agreed to spend time at Jonathan’s mountain retreat. Jonathan realizes they got off on the wrong foot and the next morning bakes biscuits as a peace offering.
    She took a large bite, closing her eyes in sheer sensual enjoyment.
    “Where did you learn to bake like this?”
    He shrugged, appropriating another biscuit and decorating it before popping a liberal portion into his mouth, followed by a healthy swig of coffee. She couldn’t stop herself from watching the action of his throat muscles, nor from imagining the path the biscuit took. From the outside, that path was well defined by dark chest hair that lessened as it tracked lower but never seemed to totally—she jerked her gaze away, wondering
    when it had turned so warm and striving to remember the lessons of her youth. Advanced deportment had never covered breakfasts with unshaven men who were practically bare chested and produced biscuits that could win awards.
    “Did you mother teach you how to bake?” As a conversational gambit, it covered many areas. It brought in the opportunity of discussing his early life, which would be a good starting point for the interview. It also reminded him he had a mother who had instilled respect for floundering females along
    with the ability to cut shortening into flour.
    He nodded.
    She felt her temper—that distant, barely known part of her she kept segregated from her daily life—pull at its chains, demanding some time out in the world. She repressed it automatically.
    “You must be excessively hungry, Mr. Merritt,” she said graciously. Mademoiselle would have been so proud of her. “Perhaps you are not a morning person?”
    He smiled, finally bringing his devastating sky blue morning gaze fully upon her face.
    “I thought perhaps if I filled my mouth with biscuits, I might keep my foot out of it for a while.”
    I chose a low carb way of life several years ago, and I now only enjoy fresh biscuits vicariously. On my blog http://mona-karel.com/blog/ I often share low carb recipes. In fact, hmmm, there’s a recipe for biscuits that tastes almost the same as KFC…
    You can find Teach Me To Forget on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/nwane2u

  2. Oooooooh. Okay. Won’t throw you a pie, but my mouth-watering hero Derek Dunne will toss you a little breakfast! (It’s how he tortures the heroine during their “marriage of inconvenience .”) From IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT, releasing 2/24/15 and available for pre-order on amazon, kobo, ibooks and googleplay now!
    And he was true to his word. Each morning was harder than the last, a torture fest that tested her willpower to the max.

    She’d wake to aromatic tendrils of rich, perfectly-brewed coffee tickling her nose. The sublime sizzle of bacon would whisper in her ears like a lover, the enticing smell quickening her steps before she even managed to slide her feet into her flip-flops, drawing her toward the kitchen. The fragrance of whatever else he was cooking up luring her to him before she could knot the belt of her robe.

    And then there was the man himself, his loyal pooch by his side, the canine’s face buried in his food dish and emitting contented purrs more worthy of a cat. But Derek. Oh. Holy cannoli.

    She remembered the “Derek” character on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, dubbed “McDreamy” by the women on the show. Derek Dunne made that guy look like a bad clam.

    Standing at the stove, barefoot and naked except for a pair of boxers, he made her mouth water more than any culinary concoction he could possibly cook up. And he was a damn imaginative and inventive chef. The
    way he’d been in bed.


  3. This is from my upcoming release in March, Melting Into You. It’s book 1 of the Savor Series. This is a male/male story.

    Ben followed Seth outside, but this time Seth caught him on the side of the truck, which afforded them a little more privacy. The kiss went on a little longer, before Ben ripped his mouth away.
    “I need you to stop kissing me.”
    “Then you need to stop asking me to.”
    Ben’s eyebrows shot up. “Huh?”
    Seth’s eyes narrowed, and heard Ben’s breath catch. He leaned into the other man and said, “It’s in how close you’re standing. How you smell. How you look at me.”
    “And how’s that?”
    Seth regarded him steadily, not saying anything more until Ben looked away. Then he grabbed Ben’s chin so he could see the man’s eyes again and said, “I can tell when someone is undressing me with his eyes. Your mouth may be saying no right now, but your eyes are telling a whole different story. I never believed eyes could actually smolder until I met you. You drive me fucking crazy. I need to touch you.”
    Seth moved in again, and with a groan of surrender, Ben took over. Grabbing Seth by the hips, he reversed their positions, pushing Seth against the truck as he aligned their bodies from chest to knee.

    Melting Into You is up for pre-order!



  4. This is an excerpt from my sci fi romance, Broken Bonds, where my antagonist, Senator Hank Manning, is having lunch with another senator from the opposing political party:

    Senator Manning pulled out a chair and sat. “Have you ordered?” No server in sight, and no other customers either. Easy to understand. He brushed at streaks of leftover food still clinging to the edges of the table.
        “I used the table top comp,” Senator Nakai said. “Shall I order for you?”
        “Sure, go ahead.” Senator Manning nodded. He hated the damn table-top comps. This one didn’t have a voice interface, and he had not been able to master the touchscreen complexity. “I’ll have what you have.”
        Senator Nakai’s eyes narrowed. “I understand Brad Reynold’s rolor’in, Ardaval Namar, paid you a visit. Did you have any luck in locating the Major? Ardaval and Raketh are both quite concerned about him.”
        Senator Manning frowned. Raketh. He needed to find a way to exploit that relationship. “No, Charlie, I’m afraid not. The Space Force has him, most likely. We have no jurisdiction.” And the Space Force had better hold onto him. Manning had certainly paid enough in bribes and called in enough favors to ensure it.
        Senator Nakai nodded. “True enough.”
        “If I offer up a motion to require the Aleyni to end psi exams, how will you vote?” Manning wasted no time.
        “I’ll vote against it, as you well know. The Aleyni will never agree to end the exams.” Charlie sipped at his water glass, several small swallows, before replacing it on the table.
        Senator Manning sighed. The food arrived, providing a welcome distraction. “Let me know if you change your mind, Charlie.”
        Senator Nakai shook his head. “I won’t, but it won’t matter. You have more than enough votes to pass the motion. You don’t need me.”
        “We need to rid the Terran Federation of the presence of those alien bastards once and for all. They’re a disgrace to decent folks.” Manning couldn’t stop.
        “They’re moral by their own lights.” Senator Nakai put down his hand meal and stared right into Senator Manning’s eyes. “You’re going to start a war, Hank.”

    Publisher’s website:

  5. Good luck with your new release, Irene. Food is a recurring theme in many of my stories, but one actually has a professional cook. Caution: Filling is Hot.

    Here’s the Amazon link. http://www.amazon.com/Caution-Filling-Hot-Tara-Mills-ebook/dp/B00J15DIMM/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1420213135&sr=1-4&keywords=Tara+Mills

  6. These all look so yummy!

  7. What fun. My post is from Final Mend, where Jake cooks one of my favorite dishes called Saucy Baked Chicken. You can find more on my blog at http://www.loveisamystery.com/saucy-baked-chicken/ and find the book everywhere, including Amazon http://ASIN.cc/B00KI2EYKW

    “Music? I’ve never had a business meeting with music.”

    “It doesn’t have to all be business,” he said. He already felt better after cooking, and Winona would be enjoyable company.

    “If you think this fancy dinner and charming table set up with soft music and candlelight is going to make me sleep with you, think again.”

    “If I wanted you to sleep with me, I wouldn’t go for dinner.” Jake carried plates and utensils to the table. Arranging a small arrangement of flowers he’d picked up at the market, he lit the array of candles beside it. “I do this for Amy all the time. She loves it. Cooking is my … I don’t know. It’s how I relax. I love it.”

    “So you’ve never done it to impress a woman?”

    “I never said that.”

    “What would you do?”

    “About what?”

    “If you wanted me to go to bed with you. What would you do? How would you play it?”

    The fire in Jake’s loins made camp, blasting his entire lower extremities with heat. He burned with the need to watch her squirm. Sweeping his gaze over her body, he grinned and shrugged. “I don’t know. I’d start by kissing you. I’d slowly come in with my mouth.” Heart pounding, he swaggered slowly towards her, his smile wide and confidence at its peak.

    She impeded that confidence with a palm to his chest as he closed in.

    “Won’t work.”

    “Maybe not right now,” he drawled.

  8. Well, Irene, I guess I’ll play with one of my many posted recipes — in this case Crawfish Étouffée.

    Link: Étouffée—The Secret is in the Super-Secret Spice Blend

    Spring is just around the corner, so you don’t have a whole lot of time left to sample this absolutely delectable cool-weather dish. Not that étouffée can’t be eaten any time of year, it’s just that étouffée seems especially up to the task of taking the chill out of your bones while at the same time providing you a hearty yet undeniably healthy meal that doesn’t taste healthy in the slightest.

    Étouffée may sound French, but it’s probably the quintessential example of Louisiana cooking at its finest. The word itself is indeed French, and roughly translates to ‘smothered,’ which in Louisiana-speak means to cook something in liquid until it’s reduced to a thickened gravy or stew-like consistency.

  9. Good luck with your forthcoming book, Irene.
    Here’s an excerpt from my freebie, The Great Brownie Taste-off: (The Yolanda’s Yummery Series, Book 1)
    Yolanda Carter took a bite of the Red Velvet cupcake. The sweet swirl of cream cheese frosting dissolved first in her mouth, followed by the rich chocolaty goodness of the cupcake. Yes, this batch was just fine, but a smattering of red or blue sugar pearl sprinkles would help the cupcakes stand out even more. Sprinkles were always good to have when bringing in cupcakes for Fun Food Friday. Employees and volunteers loved the tradition of sharing different types of food every week. It had been going on at the Crown Street Cat Shelter for years, and Yolanda was always happy to bring in her freshly baked cupcakes, layer cakes, or brownies.

    Since it was February, but an appropriately gorgeous sunny day with temperatures promising to soar into the mid-80s, she thought that cool turquoise sprinkles would be a nice touch. She reached up into the wooden spice rack that sat on her counter and found the sprinkles, which she gently shook on top of each swirled cupcake top. She loved that the triple level rack contained only decorations and her most used and loved vanilla extracts, rather than the twenty-four herbs and spices that came with the housewarming present from her parents. Yolanda baked far more than she cooked and while she still had the standard spices, they were kept in a cupboard next to the stove.

    Here’s a link to my webpage where you can see all the stores where it’s available: http://lisamaliga.com/greatbrownietasteoff.htm

    Thanks & Happy Baking/Cooking! 🙂

  10. I have a new blog, where I’ll be discussing travel, culture, history, and books in and about the southwestern US. In the first post, learn about chile: ‘New Mexico is most famous, at least in culinary terms, for its green chile, which comes slathered over almost any dish. The official state question is “Red or Green?”’ http://swarmchairtraveler.blogspot.com/

    I write novels of suspense and romance involving outdoor adventures and Southwestern landscapes. In Counterfeits, stolen Rembrandt paintings bring danger to a small New Mexico town. Whispers in the Dark involves archaeology and intrigue among ancient ruins. What We Found features a young woman who stumbles on a murder victim, and Rattled follows a treasure hunt in the New Mexico desert. To learn more, visit http://www.krisbock.com